Heartland Camp

We look forward to serving with you!

Volunteer Staff Positions

There are many, many helpful hands and loving hearts that make Heartland Camp happen. Check out the list of Job Descriptions below and see where your talents and abilities can help make camp an AWESOME experience! 

Responsibilities include: maintaining the physical and spiritual health as well as the well being of a group of 10-15 campers each day, leading cabin devotions, keeping campers on schedule for daily activities, facilitating games and activities, and most importantly, being a positive Christian role model for all campers. Ideal Counselors/Co-Counselors have a mature and active faith in Christ. Counselors/Co-Counselors should be flexible and responsible individuals. It is a very fulfilling position, but demands energy, love for kids, and a servant’s attitude for God as motivation. Counselors/Co-Counselors must be high school graduates and have experience working with children of all ages. One year of college preferred. 

Responsibilities include: assisting Dorm Counselors with “needy” campers –including bunking with cabin groups, spending one-on-one time with specific campers, or just being an “extra hand” for counselors. In addition, Bigs help camp staff wherever needed. Bigs must be positive Christian role models, flexible, and willing to serve wherever they are needed. Applicants must be high school graduates and have experience working with kids.

The Worship Leader is responsible to the Chapel Coordinator. Responsibilities include: developing and leading a meaningful worship experience for daily chapel sessions and praise night, coordinating with the praise band by practicing and teaching new songs. The Worship Leader must have experience in leading worship and play a lead instrument proficiently. The applicant must be spiritually mature, flexible and have good communication and organizational skills.

The Health Staff is primarily responsible for the implementation of the camp’s medical plan. The duties of the Health Services Coordinator and other medical staff must not exceed their training and/or state licensure. Responsibilities include: providing the best health care possible -given restraints of camp environment, providing an upbeat, positive, and efficient environment in the Health Center, housing and dispensing prescribed and OTC medications, and providing professional, comprehensive and appropriate documentation. Applicants must be registered medical professionals (MD, PA, NP, RN, LPN), health service experience preferred, with current CPR and First Aid certification.

Lifeguards are responsible to the Activities Coordinator. Responsibilities include: instructing a swim class, providing a safe atmosphere in and around the pool area, and maintaining and cleaning all equipment. Lifeguards must hold current Lifeguard Training, Standard First Aid, and Adult CPR certifications. Lifeguards must be at least high school seniors.

Individual Activity Leaders are responsible to the Activities Coordinator. Responsibilities include: providing a meaningful lesson with a spiritual focus for their activity, creating a lesson plan for each session, supervising activity staff, and maintaining a safe atmosphere. The applicant must be responsible, organized, possess good communication skills, have completed at least one year of college, and have experience working with children of all ages.

The Mini-Camp Coordinator is responsible to the Camp Director. Mini-Camp staff is responsible for organizing and leading daily activities for “minicampers” (children ages 1-9 years). Mini-Camp staff must have completed at least one year of college and have experience working with children of all ages.

The Photographer/Videographer is responsible to the Activities Coordinator. Responsibilities include: operating a digital camera, operating digital video camera, and compiling video footage of campers from each day into a highlight video set to music. The applicant must bring their own equipment (cameras, computers, printers, etc.).

The Kitchen Crew consists of a Head Cook and Kitchen Staff. The Head Cook reports to the Food Services Coordinator.  Responsibilities include: assisting in menu planning, preparing and serving daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and preparing additional snacks and food as warranted. 

The Kitchen Crew reports to the Food Services Coordinator, whose responsibilities include: assisting in the preparation and serving of meals, washing the dishes, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, setting up before meals, and cleaning up after meals. The Kitchen Staff has the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of camp programming while they serve. Cooks must be at least 18 and have past cooking experience. Kitchen Crew applicants must be at least high school juniors.

The Camp Store Manager is responsible to the Office Manager. Responsibilities include: managing camp store volunteers, ordering food, drinks and other store merchandise, maintaining store inventory, opening and closing the store for campers, maintaining campers’ store accounts, and tracking camper store change. The applicant must be responsible, organized, and possess good communication skills. Retail sales experience preferred.

The Office Staff is responsible to the Office Manager. Responsibilities include: assisting the Office Manager in office administration duties including – but not limited to – fielding phone calls, sorting mail, filing, typing, and maintaining check-in/out reports. The applicant must be responsible, organized, and possess good communication skills.

Safety/Security personnel are responsible to the Facilities Services Coordinator. The Safety/Security team is responsible for the safety and security of staff and campers, including: day and night security patrols, providing “crowd control” during camp events, and serving as ushers during chapel events. Additional duties may include: setup and take down for events and transporting staff and campers across the campus. The applicant must be physically able to lift heavy objects and able to work with little supervision. Applicants must be high school graduates; at least one year of college preferred.

Custodial personnel are responsible to the Facilities Services Coordinator. Responsibilities include: maintaining cleanliness of camp facilities, cleaning all bathrooms daily, emptying trash cans, fixing small maintenance issues, setting up for camp events, and tearing down after camp events. The applicant must be physically able to lift heavy objects, be able to work with little supervision, and possess a sense of humor (it may not be the most gratifying job at camp).

Transitioning from camper to staffer


CREW is a program for young staff members to find their place at Heartland Camp. This program was created for first-time staff members between the ages of 17 and 20 to assist in their transition from camper to staff. CREW participants are vital resources to the camp’s operations.

In addition, these individuals have the opportunity to discover their interests as a staff member. CREW members have additional freedoms and leadership opportunities that are not provided to campers, but they do not yet have the full responsibility of being on staff. Apply to be on CREW today!

for staff with children 9 and under


Heartland Camp volunteers with children 9 and younger have the option to participate in Mini-Camp programming and activities. Mini-Camp sessions include daily programs directed by volunteer staff to allow for parents and guardians to fulfill their volunteer efforts in other areas of the camp. Mini-Camp sessions include fun and exciting activities to keep children occupied throughout the day. Activities include: archery, painting, swimming, nap time, story time, plenty of arts and crafts, and much more.

Mini-Camp is also a great time to teach these young campers more about Jesus and their faith. Through story time, age-appropriate activities, and chapel sessions, mini-campers get to experience much of the same spiritual growth opportunities that the regular campers enjoy.

Mini-Camp activities are not mandatory and younger children are welcome to spend time with their parents at any time during the day.