Heartland Camp

Camper Dorm Groups

Campers live together in a dorm during camp. These dorm groups become closer throughout the week as friends and teammates; they participate in many group discussions together, group activities, and also compete with other dorms! 

Below are photos from the Final Banquet of the dorm groups from Heartland Camp’s 2022 session (2G, 3G, 2B, and 3B). 

Camp Activities

A typical day of camp includes a mix of Open and Dorm Activity sessions. Open Activities range from playing games, learning skills, and being creative. Open Activities are great opportunities for campers to interact with campers outside of their dorm. Below are some examples of potential Open Activities.

Main Events

Each day, there is an all-campus activity. These are games and events that all dorms participate in and (typically) compete against each other. Sometimes dorms also compete against CREW or Staff teams! 

These main events vary from year to year. Heartland Camp’s 2022 session included: 

1) Camper Arrival Games, 2) Boat Regatta, 3) Camp Night, 4) Campfire, 5) Camp Dance, 6) Final Banquet & Talent Night