Mission Statement:
Using the example of God’s Service to assist in all areas at camp, assuring that the additional needs are met and to learn through mentor-ship.

Vision Statement:
To see each member return to camp ready, willing, and excited to transition to an area of service that they are prepared to manage at camp.

CREW¬†was created to take campers and the first-time staffers between the ages of 17-20 to the next level at Heartland. CREW participants are a resource to fill Heartland’s volunteer positions after they have been through the program. CREW members have additional freedoms and leadership opportunities that are not provided to campers, but they do not yet have the full responsibility of being on staff.

Due to the nature and importance of many of the positions at Heartland, no CREW member should be in a lead position without first being an assistant. To apply for CREW, fill out the Heartland staff application and indicate on the form that you will be on CREW.