Open Activities

Each full day of camp includes three open activity sessions. These sessions are fifty minute time slots that include activities ranging from playing games, learning skills, and being creative. Below are examples of the past year’s open activities; the current year’s list will be sent out with your camp acceptance letter:

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Bracelet Making
  • Cookies From Scratch
  • Cooking
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama/Chapel Skits
  • Drama/Talent Night
  • Euchre
  • High Ropes
  • Human Foosball
  • Ladder Ball
  • Open Swim
  • Paintball
  • Paper Fashioning
  • Photography
  • Ping Pong
  • Pottery
  • Praise Dance
  • Soccer
  • Talent Night Prep
  • Tie Dye
  • Wood Burning
  • Yoga

This list reflects the Open Activities of HSEP 2018.